Committed to Empowering Individuals With Disabilities

At Care Direct Disability Services, we take pride in being a registered NDIS provider, committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. Our mission, 'Your ability is stronger than your disability', guides all our services, which range from Assist-Personal Activities to Accommodation/Tenancy management. Our director, an NZ-qualified registered nurse with a double graduation in Nursing and English Literature, leads our team with her vast experience in clinical nursing and hospital coordination. She combines her passion for helping others with her extensive knowledge to bridge the community gap.

Our Key Services

Our services include facilitating Community Nursing Care, Community Household Tasks, Development-Life Skills, Innovative Community Participation, and Daily Tasks/Shared Living. We also provide Assist-Travel/Transport, Assist-Life Stage, Transition, and Assist Personal Activities High. Our approach is always people-centred, ensuring we cater to the unique needs of each individual we serve. Reach out to us for personalised disability care solutions. Your journey to enhanced well-being begins with a simple message.

Care Direct Disability Services